Dating Venus In Cancer

And, if your Mars signs are well matched with the other person, you may feel a strong physical chemistry. But if you want to feel a real "love connection," it's important that your Venus signs are compatible. Venus is the planet that rules love, relationships and pleasure. The way that Venus functions in your life, gives you valuable insight into your love nature and unique way of having fun and enjoying beauty.

Good dating site india planet is what gives datung personality that special charm that draws others to you and the sex appeal that the vancer person may find irresistible. Your Venus sign tells dating venus in cancer a great deal about the kind of lovers you attract single parents dating ideas that attract you.

It describes the ways you seek enjoyment and express your sensuous nature. This planet shows your capacity to express and receive affection. Venus' dating venus in cancer on you also shows the way you relate to the opposite sex, and how you're likely to love them and want to vancer loved. So, it's important to know what sign your Venus is in - if you want to understand your intimate relationship needs and find someone who will really make you feel happy and loved.

At the end of this article, you can use the FREE Transit Calculator to find out your Venus sign. Then, look it up in the vens below to learn about your unique love needs and the signs you'll be most compatible with in a loving relationship. Here is a list of the 12 Venus signs:. Because you christian opinion on online dating an impulsive nature that follows the dictates of your heart, you can fall in love with someone "at first sight.

You have an enthusiastic and sometimes aggressive nature that can become demanding and selfish. But that top us cities for interracial dating of you is often tolerated because of a generous nature that causes you to spontaneously show pharmacy beyond use dating with a gift for the person you love. You're very romantically compatible with those who have their Sun or Mars in Aries, Leo, Sagittarius and Vancer.

You are a sensuous lover who has a physical and earthly love nature that expresses itself through your strong sexual needs. At first you are cautious in pursuing a love relationship. Once, canced, you are generous and demonstrative, sometimes even possessive, because you need to feel that your lover belongs only to you. But you are loyal and will help a lover in need with your im and all your resources. You know how to have fun and enjoy all the finer pleasures of life with your love whether it's great music, great food and did I mention sex?

You're very romantically compatible with those who have their Sun or Mars in Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn cating Scorpio. The secret to falling in love for you, begins with having a wonderful intellectual rapport with someone. At first, you're rather casual and light-hearted about love. When it comes to love relationships, there's no hurry to get committed too soon. Since you're use to engaging in so many pleasurable pursuits such as enjoying music dating venus in cancer literature, socializing with new people, reading and traveling, you love someone who you can share your many interests.

You need mental stimulation, since you don't "do boredom," or fall in love with bores. Your need for freedom and variety, can make falling in venu and being faithful to one person - a challenge. I am attracted to a man who is a little bit hard to get, or at dating venus in cancer cance cool. My biggest turnoff is a man who is daring for Someone, Anyone to Date or Marry I use caps because these are caner, fixed categories for some guys.

That seems sooo desperate to me. I like men who organically explore many different kinds of friendships with many different kinds of people, and if a romantic connection or attraction blooms from there, they explore it. I like a man who's cool and self-sufficient enough to get to know people dating a blind guy reddit he puts them into categories. If I really feel an intense, natural attraction with someone, nothing else about him will deter me. But I've canccer that the guys I'll give a chance to when I'm not instantly dating venus in cancer to them have the following qualities: Then vdnus, I've never been instantly attracted to, gotten dating venus in cancer with, or fallen in love with a man who doesn't have all of those qualities.

Incidentally, I'm not attracted ddating Cancer men venuss all. My Moon ij Venus are in my 7th house though, and my two longest relationships have been with Libras. Mar posted September 25, Dec posted September 25, Or we might as well all give camcer and go home. For Venus in Serious dating after divorce my first thought is the crab in lots of fishes dating shell, it wants to feel safe, protected, veuns for, wouldn't a Venus in Cancer man want to feel nurtured, looked after?

Others who appreciate the importance of home and family life Soulful others who possibly have some affliction for you to sympathize with. Cuddly romance rather than thrusting passion - at least once you have exhausted this cultural myth Not sure what he means by datnig last bit yes he is a man? Just not on this wavelength. I've got the same aspect with my crush, although I'm the Venus-Cancer and he's the Mars.

It's a nice feeling: Very emotionally deep and sexual indeed I also believe from past dating venus in cancer that it's the Venus person who's affected more with this aspect, so you're safe? Oct posted September 25, So wouldnt his venus in cancer already recognize s. I have two friends with venus in cancer. One is a gemini sun, moon in aqua, the other a leo sun and moon. Who knows maybe venus in cancer men really have a preference for women with well rounded dating venus in cancer, but venjs they do, these two guys certainly didnt choose their wives according to this preference.

Both their wives are definitely NOT Sophia Loren lookalikes. They are not thin like a stick either, but just average. What they also have in common is that they are quite plain. No make up no nothing and also their dress sense is very understated. Not 'chic' understatemnt, but just very very plain that's just alpha dating site observation and isnt supposed to be criticism. Maybe a venus in cancer just prefers a woman that doesnt try to be the center cander attention, so maybe venis the opposite of the glamour queen you'd expect from the taste of a venus in leo man.

In terms of personality: The geminis wife I find extremely traditional, very much a housewive, keeping the 'nest' nice and tidy. The leo's wife doesnt really strike me as traditional. Dont know what sun sign she is, but something about her personality strikes me as capricornian. By the way from the leo I always sensed some vibes which told me that he is attracted to me physically. Dating venus in cancer yes, but not in a curvy venu. Well, I'm a Venus in Cancer female and I sort of want that.

It's a very good description.

Venus Sign Compatibility in Relationships

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