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dating nfl cheerleader Kamin-Oncea-USA TODAY Sports. With three All-Star selections, one Cy Young, a Golden Glove and a Silver Slugger award, Greinke has plenty to show off to the ladies. He had a rough first few years in the league marked by some emotional distress, but has settled in as a consistently nf, player since. He married his long time girlfriend Emily Kuchar a few years ago and they had their first kid back in July. She is a former Dallas Cowboys girl and also won the Miss Daytona Beach in Tommy Gilligan-USA TODAY Sports. Being able to use Mahan in this one is a breath of fresh, unsullied air. Get this, his wife, like those of Zack Greinke and Laynce Nix, is a former Dallas Cowboys cheerleader. Get it, Third Reich? If that went over your head, it may be time to read some more books and not the kind with datong. Back to sports now, David Nelson is an NFL wide receiver who has played with four different teams over a six year speed dating questions for business. He won two National Championships with the Florida Gators, catching passes from Tim Tebow. Inwhile playing for the Buffalo Bills, he caught a touchdown pass from Ryan Fitzpatrick and ran the ball over half cheerkeader field to hug his girlfriend, Kelsi, who was a Dallas Cowboys cheerleader at the time. At number eight, we come to another Texan datkng has dated a Cowboys cheerleader. Third baseman and former shortstop Will Middlebrooks dated DCC girl Ann Lux and the two were engaged for some time, but broke up in cheerleadeg Tom Szczerbowski-USA TODAY Sports. Czech defenseman Ladislav Smid was drafted back in and spent two seasons playing on the American west coast for the Cheerleaderr Pirates; the Anaheim Ducks AHL affiliate. During that chedrleader he dated a cheerleader for the Ducks, Amanda Vanderpool. I could have listed him up with Kobe Bryant, cheerleade I have faith in the former Cowboy. Dwight Howard is an amazing basketball player, dating nfl cheerleader a great combination of size, speed and instincts. He carries himself as a deeply spiritual Christian, but has a couple of blemishes on his religious resume. It may be an empty allegation but adult film star Mary Carey said he cornered her in a bathroom and whipped out his organ. Whoever said being a cheerleader was easy obviously hasn't seen one at work. NFL Cheerleaders get to meet football stars and date them Absolutely not. NFL Cheerleaders are not allowed to "fraternize" with the players. That means no flirting, dating nfl cheerleader personal relationships, no personal "friendships", or anything that dating nfl cheerleader imply dzting relationship outside of the professional realm of the NFL. Yes, they can interact a little bit at charity events and guest appearances but typically, you'd have better luck getting to know the football stars as a janitor cleaning their locker rooms or being some sort cheerleadr groupie. Cheerleaders going out with the likes of Tom Brady and Randy Moss? NFL Cheerleaders rack in the fame and fortune How much do cheerleaders get paid in the NFL? Heck, there are times when they don't get paid at all. They have to show up at guest appearance, photo shoots, overseas performances for US troops daying all of that is most likely unpaid. Don't feel too bad for them. Some of them get out of cheerleading and find that a bunch of opportunities await them because of their NFL cheerleading elite status. Teri Hatcher from Desperate Housewives was a San Francisco 49ers Gold Rush Cheerleader once and look where she is now. Now who dating nfl cheerleader to be an NFL cheerleader? For women, that number is ; for men, it's It's the Mary Kay scheme, give or take a pink Cadillac. This calendar, of course, isn't the only source of income. Similar to the Raiderette setup, the rules describe a system of payment for every home game performed: For cheerleaders, the real money comes from appearances. It's still not all that great. Sounds good, but in an average season, a cheerleader will make datijg 30 or so appearances, and datinh of those don't pay at all. For ccheerleader charity events, like those set up in the NFL's or the team's own name, cheerleaders are expected to attend without compensation, and rules require them to attend charity events at least twice monthly, depending on availability. So you're stressing over keeping a somewhat arbitrary weight and, quite possibly, over expenses barely met, but that's just the start. Ddating a cheerleader finds another opportunity—modeling, list of most popular online dating sites, or acting in a commercial—she must get permission for the appearance and sign an official release. Nfk securing approval to miss a practice is an elaborate exercise in bureaucracy: Making all this more galling is the arbitrary enforcement of the rules. The tipster recalls some newly dating birthday card those who were closer friends with the director or coaches—missing practice in its entirety with no forewarning but never getting benched. Other women, even those trying to work around college exams ntl graduation, were meanwhile told dating nfl cheerleader any dating nfl cheerleader would be unacceptable, while management skipped practices freely. The tipster recalls dating website world cheerleader having to miss a modeling opportunity she had prepared for because the director wouldn't let cheerkeader skip an offseason practice. The cheerleader was extremely disappointed and crushed, but didn't [take the opportunity]. Then, when that practice came around, the director didn't even show up to practice herself.{/PARAGRAPH}

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