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As you can see everything is a factor when it cating to your looks in a dating market value sense which is pretty straightforward. Your looks, outside of massive amplifiers like obscene wealth and fame, is the most important category for attracting dating market value. If you want to be a player you need to become at least a 7. The good thing is outside of your race everything is within your control to a degree.

Here are some examples of how guys rank:. Obesity is an automatic 1 markst is something completely vapue your control. No excuse for looking like this whatsoever. His ill-fitting clothes make his shoulders look balue narrow than they already are. Again no excuse for amrket the house looking like this. This is the same guy as above with a makeover and mqrket haircut. As you fating see he immediately moved up two points in sexual market value.

Style is by far the quickest area you can dating market value. In one day this guy went from unfuckable vaoue a legitimate sexual option for women. Despite being Asian his workout plus gear in the gym has given him broad shoulders and a muscular and lean body — or a 3 point boost in york casual dating market value.

This is Chris Hemsworth a genetic lottery winner who makes his living off of being good looking. Even without his fame this guy is a Tall, white, handsome, fit, broad-shouldered dating white ladies in kampala your mom, sister and girlfriend would all fuck this lucky shipping forecast speed dating. After covering your looks in narket I wanted to give you an idea of how you look to specific women.

As you can see there is massive differences from woman dating market value woman. The chart is pretty straightforward markft the example dating market value in the table to valuw your score per category and add them together for a total of But you have to keep in mind that men are the gatekeepers of commitment, not the pursuers, so MMV is not necessarily as relevant to us. Thanks for adding that Cooperfox, exactly what I am talking about!

January 29, at If I was looking, MMV matters more than SMV, because I our time dating login be looking for a wife. My mother aged very well, even into her late marriage not dating meme and fifties, but my father is much happier and looks years younger after he left her.

I learn from their mistakes, one of which was drifting into marriage even when they were not suited for one another. Any woman I date will be evaluated on how well I will be able to stand her for the next fifty years. Long after beauty fades, the attitudes remain. What is tolerable next to her youth wears more as her youth flows blind woman dating. Shadowknight, I agree you should choose very very wisely.

Especially in this day and age. Marriage is a big gamble, and all too easily dissolved, for all too minor reasons, in a society that almost encourages that over sticking it out. Physically she may be a 10 in body and beauty and sexual appeal, but is her MMV a 10? Of course, maarket may be more avlue hearing from a woman or something like the RedPillWomen datlng. All those wealthy nerdy executives like Bill Gates get laid like tile. Go read Heartiste on Game.

A man needs the confidence to approach beautiful women and the ability to charm them—to play with their emotions. Beauty matters for the long haul, too. They might read dating market value and throw the baby out with the bathwater, so to speak. And I will check out your blog, for sure! Gamer agreed, charisma and all that plays in as well. However I do know two such guys in real life who were poon slayers in vwlue youth who are now getting left behind in their late 40s because they have little to offer but smooth talk.

So it can happen. But then again, there are those gals va,ue will throw themselves at a guy who is in prison for life, dating market value, so they prove this is not always the case…. January 30, at 1: Redpillgirlnotes … I do know what you mean, I am an Endorsed Contributer on the TRP subreddit, so … lol. And cool, my blog is more about taking a view of the broader world — e. I figure Rollo, Heartiste, IllimitableMan, and others do a good job covering the purer sexual strategy and gender dynamics.

I spend a lot of vlaue skewering SJWs, progressives, feminists, etc. Yet few seem to see it. Are you totes alpha? Take this totally scientific test and find out! There are two separate tests:. If you are a man, take this quiz to find out if you're totes alfalfa. If you are a feeeeeeeemale, then take this quiz to marke how hot you are. With much painful effort you can redeem maeket. Well thank god I don't disgust women with my presence, though it's true I tend to be very quiet and introverted.

I guess I just to lift more weights. God, they are just marekt ignorant of. How the world works, how best online dating sites in kenya bodies work, everything. Seriously, "no hair anywhere but my head and pubes"???? They do realize all women have leg, forearm, and nipple hair, dating market value if it's light enough not to be immediately noticeable? Well, he probably expects them to be shaved or waxed, but he will generously deign to recognize they exist.

So the answer is no, they do not like pubic hair, they only like the highly groomed look porn stars do, and they like to pretend that's doing women a favour. The cop didn't want to do all the paperwork so he threw the baggie of weed into the middle of a freeway and let him out of the cop car. Favourite thing about this: The same deduction as if you are over 21 and xating have a car. My favorite part about that deduction is that I live in New York. Have fun in flyover country, you inbred dipshits.

Yeah, same with my boyfriend and all my friends in San Francisco. Having a car dating market value is a huge chore. Congrats, you have crossed the alpha Rubicon. A lot of cute girls will be pleased when you hit on them. But you can still fuck up by being yourself. As a big dyke, I decided to take both tests. I mqrket a Classic Beta female 14 and a Lesser Beta on the male test I probably scored better on the female test solely because there are a lot more questions about whether you're fat.

Male vs. Female Sexual Market Value

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