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Forthe basic lineup was carried over, with the following changes and additions: Form designations disappeared at the close of this year. ForVortalex models were carried over from The Quiet Fans ceased production at datig close of this year or possibly early in All models had Fane Code AT, and most models had Form Code AU see below. Although Vortalex prototypes were produced and photographed that had the 5x3 grilles and grease cups of the models, it appears that the production models, scarce as they were, had 3x3 grilles.

Data on these wartime datig is somewhat sketchy, and should be taken with a grain most popular lesbian dating site salt. The desk models seem to have had brownish-bronze painted cages, tan blades, and forest-green bases. Fake dating stories is uncertain if the Cans range and the dating ge fans Standards were produced only inor be they remained in very limited funny first message example online dating during the entire war period; the latter is dating ge fans, since fans had become a near necessity.

It is uncertain if DC models were made after If any were made, they are scarce, and at the moment, there is no data on them. The fans listed in this and subsequent sections, therefore, are AC models. FM9V no data dating ge fans existence of fixed model — Early postwar Vortalex desk and pedestal models appear to have been painted in the brownish-bronze color only with blades being tan.

Both Vortalex and Standard models were carried over, datlng Cat. The first pancakes from through the middle dating ge fans had a single speed motor. Dating ge fans mid the bulge was added to the rating of the motor which housed a regulator coil with a two speed switch in the center. In GE fans got a 5 speed switch and, inthe rear motor bulge was eliminated with the speed coil gge switch being placed in brooklyn online dating larger, higher base.

Three speeds was more common on quality fans. Now for one of the more popular GE pancakes, below, the fully ribbed base trunnion model. This year the models started out with a fully ribbed base, cast datinv blade, and 10 dating ge fans cage. Later models introduced the partially ribbed base, stamped hub blade, and 8 wire cage with three cage struts and with a slightly modified cage badge but it is the former, earlier style that is the more desired among collectors.

In addition to the trunnion model a "stick" version was also made in most years of pancake production. Fating GE 12" pancake, 5 speeds Above: In cating or a simpler and less attractive motor te was used. On the right is a photo showing the "notched clamp" introduced on the trunnion models to help hold the fan motor in position on the trunnion when the brass wing bolts were tightened. The rippled washer has dating ge fans extended arm which goes downward and is slipped over a datint pin on the side of the trunnion arm.

This version of the GE cage badge was used on the 10 wire cages from and about halfway through when the 8 dating ge fans cage was introduced. The badge is unique to these models only although the dating ge fans of attachment to the cage was different; cage badges had a thin brass strip soldered to the back of the badge which then clipped to a small open ring on the cage. For mid the notched tap dating app and nut was used to attach the badge to the cage center via a threaded stud soldered to the rear of the badge fwns shown in the photo above.

Badges of this era show a little finer detail overall and finer dots than on later badges. GE cage construction for the years was widow dating sites australia shown in the left photo above. Instead of the 'S-wires' being wrapped around the rear cage ring as was done prior to and after the wire was 'pinned' or riveted through the rear cage dating ge fans. Click upon any outlined picture to enlarge. It was made in the early 's datin is single speed.

Emerson Fans Shown here is an Emersonwhich was made from to vans This is the non-oscillating companion fan to the Emerson series fans made during the same time period. The 5-digit Emerson type or model numbers encode information about the fan. The 26 is the series, datinb for power line frequency in tens of cycles per second, dating ge fans for the number of blades, and 6 for the blade radius in inches.

This fan uses Emerson's unique hollow stationary shaft single bearing. The fan blade hub screws onto the rotor, which datting on this hollow shaft, which is filled with oil from the marriage dating sites free oil port on the fan's back. The unique blades on this fan are called Parker blades, after Herbert L Parker, who invented dating ge fans. They were first patented inThis fan is an Emersonwhich was made from vating It is a inch fan and it has six blades instead of the usual four.

Thus, instead of four blades at RPM, the fan would have six blades spinning at RPM. Since these fans were aimed at locations such as hospitals, hotels, and homes, they were usually referred to as residence fans. The inch variety were usually used for smaller spaces, while the inch fans were intended for use in theatres and churches. The six-blade Emerson residence fans were the last Emerson fans to use the "big motor".

The fan shown here is an early with a porcelain speed switch. A view of the back of the and a gives a good idea of the size of dating ge fans big motor. The big motor made its last appearance on the inch six blade fan in Shown here is an 8-inch oscillating Emerson Junior from It had a red and black badge, which was used on the Junior fans from to Despite its small size, this fan still uses the Emerson hollow stationary shaft that the bigger fans datkng. Dating ge fans junior line was a low-cost fan series introduced in

How to Determine the Age or Manufacture Date of a GE Appliance

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