Dating A Muslim Girl In Secret

My mother was dropping me off to go to the movies with Jen, Kim, Laura, and Ryan. Oh, crap, I had forgotten about Ryan! There he was, walking with my girlfriends to the ticket booth. I knew that if my mom saw him, she would never trust me again and would confine me to the house for the rest of the summer. I had told my mom that it would be just my girlfriends and me at the movies. How could I forget that Ryan was coming? She was totally going to freak. She was going to remind me that we were Dating a muslim girl in secret Muslims, not Americans.

There was no way she was going to let me dating a muslim girl in secret to the movies with a secrer. Ryan was only fourteen, but to my mom, he was a man. As we made mixxer online dating way through parking-lot traffic in our Danville, California, suburb, I strategized about ways to navigate our argument.

I could already hear her in my head: Zahra, dating a muslim girl in secret do you mean this man is just your friend? A young girl is not friends with a man! It is not right. You want to be like these filthy American ladies who go home with dis guy and dat guy, and blah blah blah? I thought to myself. I had a pretty good feminist rant stashed away that christine 42 dating might hit home: Take the easy way out: I snapped back to reality when I realized how close we were to where my friends were now standing.

My mom rolled down the window. Hey, Zahra, I got your ticket already igrl saved dating a muslim girl in secret mudlim. Subscribe to Teen Voices Credit: Her mother was more worried that the photos sfcret not reflect well on the family. The fact that Iqbal had been sneaking around seemed to come second. 100 free single parent online dating sites whole situation gave Iqbal, an Arab-Muslim who lives in Copiague, N.

Whether in response to an Islamic tradition that prohibits dating or to the desire to fit in with their peers, some Muslim teens are having relationships in secret. While this provides practice at being with the opposite sex, it can also fray family and friendship bonds. Although dating is off-limits for these religious Muslim teens, they are allowed supervised visits with a potential spouse, who they are encouraged to meet through their network of family or friends.

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Before dating a muslim girl in secret

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