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Schwinn parts are generally not year-specific as a matter of function. Some folks myself included sometimes like to get correctly dated parts for special Schwinns, but for the most part it doesn't matter what year the part is. Schwinn didn't make yearly changes to much of anything dating schwinn tires paint colors. It should be noted that '65 and earlier stems are a larger diameter than the '66 and later stems. Where can I find decals for my Schwinn? Most decals for Schwinn bikes have been reproduced.

Chainguard decals, top dating sites that lead to marriage decals, seat tube decals, almost all different varieties are available in reproduction. True NOS decals still exist and are available, but these often crumble under the slight sliding force of application. The two best sources for reproduction decals at least in my opinion are Memory Lane Classics and Vintage Schwinn www.

Memory Lane has a greater selection, and is the sole source for the King Size American chainguard decal. Both are reasonably priced. When was my Schwinn made? The serial number on your Schwinn will tell you when it was made. The folks at Old Roads see the Kool Links page have a Schwinn serial number chart on-line. These charts have been published 100 free dating site in usa and australia various books as well.

The serial number will only tell you when the frame was made, it won't tell you what model it was. What model is my Schwinn? If you're missing the chaingaurd, dating schwinn tires your bike has been repainted, then it's dating schwinn tires to be too complex to explain here. There's lots of factors involved: Post a picture on the Schwinn Forum www. Should I repaint my old Schwinn? Repainting is tempting, but it's often-times a bad idea.

Collectors prize original paint, even somewhat worn original paint. And in recent years the concept of "patina" has become a big thing, essentially valuing an honest time-worn finish as a good thing. Some Schwinn colors on particular models are particularly deriable. Flamboyant Lime dating schwinn tires Terra Cotta Sting-Rays come to mind. Original paint on rare models is also desirable.

A Phantom with somewhat worn original paint is going to be valuable, and a repaint unless it's automotive quality and restoration accurate will diminish the value. And the original Schwinn finish is very durable. Unless you're a professional or experienced painter, you're dating schwinn tires likely to be able to get a hard and durable finish with a repaint.

It's going to scratch and mar easily. But on the other hand, there's lots of common Schwinns out there with rough paint that have no particular collector value. Want to paint up a '70s Typhoon or Hollywood? Frame has already been repainted? What is my old Schwinn worth? Only a small percentage are real collectables. Just because an old Schwinn isn't considered a collectable doesn't mean that it doesn't have value.

Many of these old Schwinns still have value as a functional or potentially functional bicycle. Oftentimes a member of the general public will be dating schwinn tires to pay more for a common model Schwinn than a collector. The most collectable Schwinns are typically: Schwinns that typically aren't particularly collectable: Post a picture on the Schwinn Collectors Forum if you want to know more. Tires come in a lot of different styles and manufacturers and price ranges.

For original and nicely restored bikes, a lot of collectors want to find made-in-USA originals. Best of the best is "NOS" or New Old Stock- these are unused tires that have been stored away and never mounted on a bike. Original Schwinn tires dating schwinn tires mostly made by Carlisle Rubber Co. These will say MADE IN Free ladies dating profile and have a date code that looks like the picture below.

C 12 1 1 indicates a Dec. C is Carlisle, and the last digit doesn't seem to mean anything. After that, reproduction tires are dating schwinn tires. The rear tire above and the whitewalls in the following pic are new copies of the original Schwinn designs. These are quite nice and well made and much cheaper than originals. They are made in Taiwan or China, and the markings are hidden down in the bead area.

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