I Have No Interest In Dating Anyone

All my cousins, siblings, and family members are married or dating someone. I just have NO interest. I just am not interested. I enjoy being single, working, doing my running, hanging out with friends of both genders and am a very social person with an active and busy lifestyle. I have never been the girl who dreamed of weddings or wanted to get married, and I have never, ever wanted children, still do not. I feel that I am happier just doing my own thing.

I have only ever had two relationships, and one I do not count because it lasted only a few months and I was a teenager. The other one ended in so much pain, betrayal, and hurt for me that I i have no interest in dating anyone imagine going biggest asian dating sites that again. I sometimes wonder if my lack of interest in dating is just a wall I've put up to prevent that from ever happening to me again. In general, I do not let guys get very close at all.

If I felt lonely, I would make changes to not feel lonely. You asking that question implies that you think I would just let myself exist in a miserable state, which makes it offensive on a lot of levels. There is something so inorganic and weird about being set up with somebody. I know it sometimes works for other people, but when you're already disinterested in dating in the first place, it usually leads to an awkward encounter and an awkward goodbye where you feel like a total jerk for not wanting to go out again.

I've been in love before and I'm not going to settle for anything less than that. You know that feeling when it happens, and it's so much better than dating someone for convenience. It totally makes sense for dating for nice guys blog to buckle under societal pressure and do what everybody around me is doing at the expense of my happiness.

Really, I could not be i have no interest in dating anyone for my friends who have found the person they belong with. But I've never felt like I was on the outside looking in. Maybe because I have friends that are so awesome that I've never felt like a third wheel, but also because I don't mind taking my time. Everything doesn't have to happen for me in the next five years, or even the next fifteen. Life will take me wherever it decides. For both of your sakes, just drop it before it gets messy.

Most people I've dated have been phenomenal. If anything, that's one more reason not to throw myself into the dating pool: I want to make sure whoever I do eventually date, dating site chat for free I decide to, is as nice as people I've dated in the past. Having some sort of weird dating agenda would just suck all the fun out of it. If I happen to meet someone there, dating age in japan it will be a lucky coincidence, not because I sat through the world's most boring i have no interest in dating anyone club to make eyes at someone.

But this is the 21st century, darling. I don't need a man to do any of the things I want out of life, having kids included. I i have no interest in dating anyone, it would be nice. But let me emphasize: I think we all have plenty of people in the world that we would be happy with. My life isn't going to be somehow less worthwhile if I don't find one of them. The Quiet Assumption That There Is Something Wrong With You I've gotten this my whole life.


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