Dating My Cousins Wifes Sister

I have double cousins in my family and DH's family. Her daughter and dating my family son met at the wedding, clicked, and got married. They had a son together who can technically claim he has an uncle-dad and an aunt-mom. The marriage did not last, unfortunately so only the child has the complicated relation now.

When my aunt married her now husband both had adult children. Her and her BF had a baby and his dad married her mom That's weird Step sis and bro engaged with a kid Random thought but this reminds me of the girl on mg first teen mom that gave her baby up for adoption That's weird Step sis and bro engaged with a kid Click on text to edit Delete From: That's some Jerry Springer mess when cuosins are my cousin and brother.

All dsting be prevented dating my cousins wifes sister the two parents don't hook up. I do find dating my cousins wifes sister weird but the gross statement comes into play when there are children involved. I have no problem with it. They aren't realted in any way. My cousin and Husbands cousin have been dating dating my cousins wifes sister 10 months now His mom has an dating my cousins wifes sister twin sister.

They both married brothers. I said no, and left it. Great questions to ask when dating said no for many reasons, one being not practicing religion like i want, e. She is uneducated from school and from deen. She is likes bollywood and dramas. Basically we are worlds dating a muslim girl in india. So since then for many years I had been looking.

I asked my mother and my aunt to look for me. In this process I got engaged twice. Knowing how my mother kept talking about my cousin, she was not happy with my engagement to a girl not in the family. But at first she what is a good opening message online dating cooperative and in the process of talking to the girls family, she bacame more and more difficult to arrange this whole process.

My sister was so interfering and always telling my mum what to do about MY decisions. It got so bad that her short dating profile description broke off the engagement and that was not nice. So, I got engaged again and before this process I spoke to my mother who convinced me that she did not cause any trouble because she wants me to marry my cousin, she said that the girl's mother was being difficult dating my cousins wifes sister. I knew inside she was lying, but I couldn't say much more than that.

In the meanwhile I dqting her that under mg circumstance will I marry my cousin, I just do not wish to marry her. So I got engaged again. I really liked this girl. Just like a girl version of me, msA, what I needed, would make a lovely wife and mother. Educated in deen and dunya and a respectable family girl. My mother saw all of this in the girl, and she started to argue with the girl's mother when 'arranging' wedding plans. Luckily the girl's mother did not call it off, because they must've known how we worked well.

My mother contacted my cousins family behind my back best online dating sites in kenya by the way were constantly asking for me to their daughter and told them that I agree to the marriage with my cousin. This was while I was already engaged to the second girl and I didn't knoww!!!! When I found out, we argued and my mother wouldn't listen to me saying, I can't tell my own niece 'no' now.

She said, she is so stressed and she doesn't keep well and she is getting ill and I'm hurting her. I didn't know what to do. I have no other family. But I kept telling her, the girl Coussins like is not a sjster girl, she is a good muslim. My mother knew this and in knowing this, against my wishes called the girl family and called off the engagement, to which the girl was devastated. I tried to convince my mum, and she just argues so much and she said, if I want ot marry her, then that is fine, I can go, but she won't attend the wedding.

By the way my older sister planned this with my mother.

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