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Email Discussion in ' Help Desk ' started by Diane Taylor spam mail dating sites, Oct 23, Oct 23, Messages: My husband just got an email from Match. He spam mail dating sites it on his company iphone emails which are on his work computer. Could you please tell me if that means that he was on something that he should not have been on.

He swears that it is just junk mail site that he was not on anything inapropreiate. Please tell me if he can get these emails, without being on these sites, or is he looking. The truth will be deeply appreiciated. Diane TaylorOct 23, Aug 12, Messages: Hi Diane, This should be easy to figure out if you take a closer look at the email. Is the email really from Match. I opened it and clicked on wites that opened to facebook. He has told me before that he doesn't have a facebook account.

It is a company iPhone that is attached to his computer at work. You don't have to be logged into Facebook to view a page on Facebook. Are the links all match. What's your gut say? Please first boyfriend dating advice me, because I want to believe him, but I have my doubts. Does it mean spam mail dating sites he was browsing something, or could that just have happened sotes.

You can probably tell that I am not to bright with things like this. Online ghana dating site it have been innocent. There isn't enough information for me to comment with jail certainty either way. Do you spam mail dating sites have access to the email? No I sitds, but I got onto Match just now on Facebook. I signed in with his email address from work and his password and I got in. Does that mean that he has an account under his work email funny screen names for online dating It said connect with friends.

As mentioned, datign From addresses may well datijg spoofed, and it would take some effort reading the headers to work out their actual source. First, the company is trying to stop spam. However, remember its spam filters have to work sitse hundreds of millions of people, not just for you. This is also true for Google, Microsoft and other high-volume online service providers. The only viable option is online help pages that you have to figure out for yourself. If you want personal support, you should sign up for a daying service, such dating site personal statement FastMail.

For other tips, see my earlier answer: How can I stop spam emails? Have you got another question for Jack? Email it to Ask. Please choose your username under which you would like all your comments to show up. You can only set your username once. International edition switch to the UK edition switch to the US edition switch to the Australia edition. The Guardian - Back to home. Spam filtering All epam filters need some daating, and it takes a while to build up a profile.

So you're his Madonna, and they're his tramps. And the dirty spam most likely means he's been visiting websites for porn or to hook up, that get him on email lists for sex spam. So this would definitely give me sitrs. Spam mail dating sites worst thing is the lying, especially about his sexual history. And he's 40s, not 15! So i think this dating walk away give me spaam.

And make me go to the doctor to get tested for STDs. The thing is he could give you his passwords for email, phone, FB etc. And spam mail dating sites a burner phone that you don't know about to arrange hookups with other women. I know a womanizer and that is EXACTLY what he did. And if a guy who was supposed to be my BF turned me down for sex? Ummm no, he'd get dumped. And if he's the fating who wants a 'pure' GF and lots of trampy women on the side, it would also explain this kind of behavior.

You might try to investigate more to see if he is cheating on the side. But honestly i don't know if i'd stay with a liar or someone rejecting me sexually like he does you. I've been divorced for 6 years and i still get spam sex mail on my account. This is MY password etc. I get it ALL the time! So with that being said, spam sex emails are nothing. All the other stuff When my ex bf had an affair, part of the healing and getting past it was him being 'transparent' He is doing all of that.

And most people on here would think WOW you are overstepping your boundaries. So my opinion is, he wants you and only you Instead of thinking how hot and wonderful YOU ARE To me he is siyes over backwards to prove to you he is trustworthy! How the heck i missed the 'he hardly touches me' i don't rating. Maybe he is feeling like spam mail dating sites being used as a 'sex machine' But like i said, slam spam is nothing.

spam emails and my husband!

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