Dating Vintage Barbie

Please include clear photos dating vintage barbie as much information as possible. Dating vintage barbie require a photo. If you are a collector, please stop by and help others identify their items. For years, I had a Vintage Barbie Identification form on this page, where people datung submit a photo of the item s they were trying to identify. Those are the questions you see vintagf. I had to take the form down because barble became too overwhelming, I started receiving sometimes up to requests in one week.

I also noticed vihtage people were asking badbie to identify items that were already identified on this site - meaning they didn't even bother to look before they asked. If you cannot identify your item, you can post it on our Facebook page. What you see below are previous questions and answers when there was a form on this page. If you can answer any of the questions or would like to comment, please do so.

Past Barbie Dating vintage barbie Questions and Answers Please help other collectors by answering some of the unanswered questions! Eyes are another help in identification. The way the dolls eyes are glancing, or the eyeliner color are other ways to determine the year of the doll. The earlier vintage dolls used the Barbie mold for their hands which gave them divided marriage agency moscow russia. By aboutthe Barbie molds were still used but the fingers were not completely divided.

They are often referred to as Francie hands. Some dolls were made in Mexico, which gave the doll long, dating vintage barbie hands vintagd undivided fingers. These are referred to as dolls with Mexico hands. And of course this varies from doll to dating vintage barbie The very first ponytail Barbie actually had holes in the bottom of her feet vinyage copper tubes to fit her stand. So dating vintage barbie vinrage the bottom of the feet can also give you clues to what doll you have.

Take Skipper as an example. She looks pretty much the same as she did in as when she was reissued in Except vintahe she free dating service no credit card a much pinker skin tone. Some dating vintage barbie will have high color make up on their face where the same doll will not.

That can bring up the value. Take the Japanese side part American Dating vintage barbie, she will have a pinker skin tone than the american version who has more the tan tone. Hair color can help determine the price too. Some dolls came with a color magic hair, and others came with a rare platinum color. You will find some with a rare light brown hair.

Depending on the doll and their standard hair colors, something a little out of the cheerleader dating a nerd changes the value. Also style of hair can be a factor.

How to Tell If You Have a Vintage 1966 Barbie Doll

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