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Within five minutes i got more than 30 matches. After that the matches grew exponentially. It crossed 50 within next 5 minutes, 70 in next five. Within the next hour i dating in india reddit around matches. Then came the flurry of dating in india reddit. All of them one word ice breakers: Hi, another said hey, then came wassup, how is it revdit, Vannakam, hello g, heya, kidda. There are 50 guys saying the same "Hi".

Nothing distinguishes them from each other. Later in the evening i did another round of right swapping. After two rounds dating in india reddit had around matches. Now this was the account i created. Something so natural has been hijacked. I know for sure it's been going on for at least two generations. But has it been this way historically? Lots of cultures have social events like dances and festivals where young people are supposed to pair up.

I assume this was historically the case in India, on I don't know of too many traditions of that kind in India. Historically inclined randians, I'd like to know more about how regular people in different eras found husbands and wives. Was family always important? When did things change into what they are now? Since when has caste been a huge factor?

I know these factors are the case NOW. But what was the situation like in the early part of the 20th century? Indis can't have all come from a long line of arranged marriages? Even if caste is a dating a pregnant lady, there must have been opportunities for dating within your caste?

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