Dating Jewelry By Pin Clasp

Also take note of the bail on the top of the ipn on the right with the ball hinge. That allows this cameo piece to be worn either as dating industry revenue or a pendant, a common practice in those days when dating jewelry by pin clasp could be tight. Now, on to earrings: The Georgian and early Victorians used fish-hook style earwires for pierced ears.

They looked exactly like fish hooks, hence their name. A little later, at the end ofcame the kidney-style earring wires used readily today. The lever style wire at the right dating jewelry by pin clasp quite popular in Europe, and added more security to the fishhook-style finding. Inscrew-back earring findings were invented and women without pierced ears could now wear earrings for the first time!

Last but not least, necklaces and bracelets. How does one date a necklace or bracelet? Take a look at the clasp. The oldest form is dating a mexican male push-in box clasp, introduced in the late s. It used a v-shape piece of metal that fit in a slot. This was followed in the early s by the spring-ring datinv, something you should recognize as still somewhat popular. The fold-over clasp was invented aroundhowever it was more widely used after the Victorian period and I will address it at a later date, as well as other styles.

Both the push-in box clasp and spring ring clasp are pictured below: This concludes Part 1. I hope this has helped you understand the process of circa-dating vintage jewelry. IMPORTANT DATES — JEWELRY HISTORY: The style of clasps will often give us a relatively good idea of how old a piece is. There are several types of clasps that were used on brooches from very early days right up to contemporary pieces.

Some general styles are T dating jewelry by pin clasp pins, C clasps, C clasps with extended pins, Locking C clasps, Trombone clasps. The T Bar clasp is one of the earliest styles of clasps for brooches and pins. They were used throughout the Victorian Era. The pin extended slightly over the iewelry and had no locking or holding mechanism.

C clasps were also popular during the Victorian era. One way to ukrainian dating site canada if it is a very early piece is to examine the pin itself. This old style C Clasp shows the pin extending quite a way beyond the brooch and held by a C piece of metal. The extra length of pin helped to secure the brooch to heavy Victorian fabrics.

Trombone clasps are named after the musical instrument dwting requires a push and pull to operate. This style of clasp uses this push pull method of closing. It was used from as early as the late s.

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